Do you know the difference!?

Do you know the difference!?

I am often “dazzled” by my competitors and their approach to recruiting candidates.

I have searched and found more than 200 established “companies” in Denmark, who offer different ways of recruiting candidates – most of them are Search & Selection companies, emphasizing on handling postings and/or having databases with job seeking profiles.

Some are, however, “headhunters” - promising the same services as an Executive Search company at a far lower price. Without any significant career or education themselves, they are suddenly experts in finding, assessing and hiring top candidates for their clients

I can understand – and sometimes respect – that companies occasionally chose to get help by doing postings instead of having a more expensive search done, but why choose these opportunists without retainer fees and low prices, if you basically need a real Executive Search process?

Executive Search offers you a highly skilled team, assigned and dedicated to the process of helping you and your company; analyzing your market, your company, defining a search strategy, searching for the best possible candidates in the market - not just the job seeking ones, assessing relevant and motivated candidates to ensure a good match, testing, taking references. All to ensure you get the best and most relevant candidates possible to consider for hiring; all motivated for a long-termed commitment.

Are you buying Executive Search, then do yourself a favour and get “the real thing”.