How do you prefer your talent?

How do you prefer your talent?

Let me ask you in a different way - to prove my point! How do you like your meat? Shelf meat og high-end meat specifically chosen and cut to match your preferences and needs for your exact meal or dinner? Easy answer I guess, but when dealing with the talent for your originations, what do you choose?

TalentThe most common way to recruit is still postings and a subsequent selection from the job seeking candidates that apply. It would be almost rude to compare these job-seeking candidates with shelf meat, but we would argue that you risk ending up with the least bad of the candidates who are searching for something new. Their motivation is often based on, that they are actively wanting to get away from their current position or - more common - current boss, unless they read job adds for the amusement itself. When your organization post a position, and pray for some good applicants, you will only meet the ones who saw the posting and did the effort of applying with a CV, motivation etc. – the highly skilled candidate, working focused and value adding, appreciated by his organization and boss, will most likely not see your post or be motivated to do any effort in terms of applying.

It is no surprise, that we believe it takes a lot of luck to find the true good match from postings. The odds may be improved if you have a good brand or if the position is not that specific demanding.

In our sector you often hear; “if it is not important, we can’t help you”. Meaning that some positions can be successfully fulfilled by postings, because a search process would be an overkill or just not necessary. However, important or difficult roles in your organizations are very much relevant to dedicate an Executive Search effort to. Don’t settle for the least bad of the current job seeking candidates who may have read your post in the limited 4-8 weeks it is marketed.

Don’t settle for shelf meat, make sure your “meat” matches your demands best possible, fits your culture and leadership style etc., and even more important; always get the best talent possible!